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Batman #1 new 52 review and reflections


It’s freaking Batman, it’s hard NOT to like a comic with everyone’s brooding flying mammal themed hero in it. I thought the opening was a little too much like something you might see from the Adam West Batman though. Opening with Batman beating the tar out of a bunch of his classic villains for semi no reason (this was later explained as “Oh a cop was on the take”). It was a cool opening but I just felt it was kind of weak for Batman. It appears that this Batman is set in the slight future because he has holographic tech that can make a perfect mask to anyone he wants.

In this issue we get the scene set, Bruce is a bit younger then we are used to seeing, Dick Grayson (Nightwing) is maybe a teenager, Damian Wayne is the current Robin and Tim Drake is Red Robin of the Teen Titans. We meet Vicki Vale, a reporter….come on Batman you don’t need a Louis Lane! Oh and we meet someone going for Mayor named Lincoln March that just screams “scum ball”. The ending was a bit of a surprise (I won’t spoil it here). Now I will give the New 52 some excuse, it’s a new series and issue 1 is just setting the stage. I must say I do look forward to seeing the relationships develop as the adventures go on…but then again I think a lot of folks are saying the same thing. Thanks for reading!

[Disclaimer: I am not the most knowledgeable person about comic books, these are just my views and thoughts]